Transcription Service

Video Summary: I’m accurate, I’m consistent, and I’ll be the person typing every time. Your personal professional transcriptionist at rates as low you’ll find ($1 per audio minute). Online crowd-sourced transcription sites will give you inconsistent results because of the varying competency levels of the thousands of people who have the option to claim your transcription job. My work is thorough, consistent, accurate, and well-researched for all terminology, names, companies, and other proper nouns in your recording. I offer my service with a money back guarantee.

How Does It Work?

1) Submit Your Order and Upload File (or email me with a link to download from preferred location)
Use this Google Form to send your contact information and your file. If you prefer to deliver your files by another method, feel free to order by emailing me directly and providing me a link to download your file from wherever you may have it stored.

2) Payment
When I receive your order, I will send an invoice to your email address. You can choose to pay directly using your credit card or PayPal through this invoice. Alternatively, I can accept payment via Square Cash, direct deposit, or whatever means work best for each individual client. If you become a regular client, I am happy to bill you on a weekly or bi-weekly cycle.

3) Get a professional, accurate transcription to your inbox within 24 hours
It couldn’t be more simple!


Transcription ($1 per audio minute)
Your transcription will be a clean, professional, accurate transcription. I will undertake research to understand any technical terminology, names, jargon, places, and other proper nouns used in your transcription in order to provide you with a publishable transcription. Transcript is very lightly edited for readability, removing filler, stutters, and false starts.


YouTube Caption Sync (50 cents per audio minute)
If your transcription is to be used for a  YouTube video, I will embed and sync the transcription with your video. YouTube can “auto-sync”, however what I offer is to watch your video and tweak the auto-sync to eliminate awkward caption breaks or mis-timings with the sync. This takes me approximately half as long as the typing, thus the additional 50% fee.  You will be provided with a .srt file that you simply attach to your video in the Video Manager area of your YouTube channel.

Timestamps (25 cents per audio minute)
In order to cross-reference with your recording, some customers want timestamps. Can be either at a regular interval of time (every 30, 60, or 120 seconds) or with each change of speaker in your recording. Please specify preference in Order Form comment box.

Verbatim Transcription (25 cents per audio minute)
Um, if y- you, like, really want every, um, utterance to be documented to (cough) … the extreme of detail, I can do that for you. Mostly used for transcriptions for legal purposes. Harder to read. Not highly recommended but I can certainly do it.

Why Transcribe Your Podcast?

  1. Listeners and/or journalists can easily quote your discussions on social media, in blog posts, and other publications, providing wider attention to your podcast, potentially growing your audience.
  2. Use transcription text as a searchable database of past conversations to reference and re-use past audio clips in future episodes. For example, you can quickly prove that you were right (or hilariously wrong) about a prediction.
  3. Provides increased access to your podcast for the hearing impaired.


Because of my low rates and being a one person operation, I maintain the right to deny service based on my workload (I transcribe 500-800 minutes per week), and my assessment of the quality of an audio file (no excessive background noise, distorted recordings, etc).